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How do I know if therapy is right for me?

Trying to navigate through a sea of thoughts, emotions and stressors is already tough. Therapy can help navigate through these life challenges, improve stressful symptoms, and most importantly, help you feel empowered to tackle what may come your way.

But what should you expect? You should know that therapy is hard. And individuals do not always make it through their therapy journey because therapy is work. You are expected to be raw in your emotions, to talk through those stressors and open up to someone that you may have only just met about all the things that you have been struggling with. Therapy is hard. You have to be ready to embrace all those stressors so that you can move forward. Therapy is also a safe space. Probably one of the safest environments that you could be in to discuss what you are struggling with. There is no sugar coating it-it is work. But you are stronger then you think. You made it this far in this blog, right? The next step is to reach out. Ask for help. And know that it is ok to do so.

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